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Timeline of Atlantic History

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This timeline is a useful curated reference of Atlantic history, but is not comprehensive. It is continuously evolving with this site.

Pre-War Timeline #

  1. 6000BC Earliest evidence of human settlement
  2. 1230BC Irish settlers establish fishing communities on south coast
  3. 1100BC Scandinavians settle in Smoke Cove, aka Lola
  4. 600BC Oslola is politically and culturally isolated from Europe
  5. 400BC Oslola is using Oslolan logographs
    Upen is being practiced
  6. 500BC Beginning of Oslolan Common Period
  7. 200 Beginning of Oslolan Early Period
  8. 230 Language reforms are initiated by Queen Souisviasn
  9. 700 Beginning of Oslolan Middle Period
    Founding of the 1st Commonwealth
    Oslola’s monarchist period
  10. 900 Golden age of sagas begins
  11. 1200 Founding of the 2nd Commonwealth
    Aismo Desimou becomes king
    Capital moved to Altanehs
  12. 1350 Rise of trading towns on East Coast
  13. 1380 Navy coup forces monarchy from power
  14. 1350 Rise of trading towns on East Coast
  15. 1400 Beginning of Period of Rest
    Founding of the 3rd Commonwealth
    Collapse of Oslolan trading power begins
  16. 1440 Kala enters a union with the 3rd Commonwealth
  17. 1600 Beginning of Vekllei Late Period
    Oslola loses the Six Years War to the British Empire and is capitulated as a colony of the British Empire.
  18. 1836 The British Overseas Territories consisting of Oslola, Kala and Demon are reincorporated as the British Atlantic Territories, including Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, the Falkland Islands, Montserrat, the Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan de Cuna Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  19. 1838 The new British Atlantic Territories are granted an executive governor, essentially affording self-governing status to the colonies.
  20. 1842 The Atlantic daily newspaper is founded
    The Great Recession hits the metropole
  21. 1874 Montre University is founded
  22. 1901 The British Atlantic Territories are granted an
  23. 1925 Rail transport in Oslola is nationalised
  24. 1926 The British Atlantic Territories are awarded Dominion status at the 1926 Imperial Conference, granting it autonomy from British administration.
  25. 1935 Beginning of the Late Commonwealth
    The Atlantic Independence Movement culminates in the British Atlantic Territories achieving independence from the UK, retaining Edward VII as the head of state. The new state is called Oslola.
  26. 1933 Sugarhouse Mountain Fortress begins construction outside Montre
    U.K. deploys frigates to the North Atlantic
  27. 1940 The Second World War begins
  28. 1943 The assassination of Adolf Hitler ends the Second World War and results in the partition of Germany
    The United Nations is founded
  29. 1946 Nuclear weapons used by the US against Japan
  30. 1946 American-Japanese War ends
  31. 1963 Oslola becomes independent of the British Crown, replacing the monarch with the Atlantic Council.
  32. 1966 United Kingdom enters decolonisation talks in Edinburgh Conference
    The Imperial Trade House in Oslola is burnt down by arsonists
  33. 1978 The 1978 World’s Fair is held in Montre
    1978 World's Fair terror attack kills 2,300 people
    Atlantic Crown dissolves under republican pressure
  34. 1986 Government is sacked by the Governor-General after corruption inquiry
    Constitutional crisis begins
    Martial Law is declared in Vekllei
  35. 1989 UK frigate sunk after tensions over VK-Faroese corridor access
  36. 1992 Oslolan Civil War begins along political and ethnic lines
  37. 1993 The Atlantic Crown junta collapses but the rebellion is unable to consolidate control, leading to further fighting
  38. 1995 First Atomic War
    100 Days Grief
    Vekllei is occupied by the UK & the US
    The foundation of the European Economic Community (EEC)
    The US establishes a lunar colony in Ocean of Storms
  39. 2004 Wallabies are introduced to Vekllei
    British Gambia border skirmish occurs
    The Senegalese Crisis begins
    British expeditionary forces invade Senegal
  40. 2006 The USSR establishes a lunar colony in Eastern Sea
    Moon I treaty establishes protected Lunar Nullius
    The PRC establishes a lunar colony on East Equator

Post-War Timeline #

  1. 2015 Beginning of Vekllei Floral Period
    Founding of the Interim Government
  2. 2017 Founding of the 4th Commonwealth
    UK withdraws from Vekllei
    Government is reesetablished
    Angua, Antam, Barbuda, Liamuiga, Martin, Montesur and Oualie are federated into the Antilles Commonwealth
  3. 2018 Vekllei Royal Airways becomes Crown Overseas Airways
    Commonwealth Airways is founded
    Fission energy is legalised for restricted commercial use in the U.S.
    Vekllei postwar economic boom begins
  4. 2020 Aismious Islands are returned to the Commonwealth
    Farmer’s Syndicate is founded
    The International Federation of Journalists moves HQ to Vekllei
  5. 2021 Ou Hydroelectric Dam opens
  6. 2022 Ramoin-Dupont Aircraft Company founded
    First commercial vacuum airship flight in France
  7. 2023 Amelie Azela is born
  8. 2024 Gregori Hordiyenko, the first Gregori baby, is born
  9. 2027 Baron Azela is born
    The Soviet lunar colony is unofficially abandoned
    General Reactor is founded in Vekllei
  10. 2029 Ayn Rumouisen is born in Yana Boya Chemical opens in Ada
  11. 2030 Newda architecture is enshrined in Vekllei’s constitution, a world-first
  12. 2033 The All-Atomic Auto Company (AAAC) is founded in Vekllei
    The Strawberry Test Site begins operations in Montre
  13. 2034 The first Vekllei vacuum airship is launched
  14. 2038 Amelie Azela, Baron’s sister, dies from TB
  15. 2043 Vekllei World Jetport opens
  16. 2044 Baron enlists in general infantry, dropping out of school
  17. 2045 The People’s Republic of China declares war on Taiwan
    2045 Sino Crisis begins
    Vekllei enters war against China alongside NATO
  18. 2046 Decolonisation of the U.K. possessions is complete
  19. 2047 Tzipora Sumoisnesn is born in Ro
    Vekllei withdraws troops from Taiwan
  20. 2048 2045 Sino Crisis ends in PRC defeat
    Copette Science Basin and Rocket Factory established in Vekllei
    U.S. announces cuts to space programme
    France establishes lunar colony in West Equator
    Cobian is born in Little Vekllei
  21. 2049 Ayn and Baron meet during their AB/NI cadetship
  22. 2050 Vekllei establishes a colony on the South Lunar Pole
    Gregori Hordiyenko dies in a car accident
  23. 2052 Oa-class Battlecruiser is commissioned
  24. 2053 Baron is assigned to Bolivia as an AB/NI Section Chief
  25. 2055 Vekllei sovereignty over Lunar Pole is disputed in international court
    Wildfires in Somalia collapse U.S.-backed Somali Democratic Party
  26. 2056 Vekllei establishes Moidonnet (Moon City) on the Malapert Massif
    Comen Aeroyards are founded
    Cifuentes government is overthrown with Soviet help in Colombia
  27. 2057 The U.S. invades Colombia to depose communist government
    Tzipora moves to California to study at St Mary’s Catholic College
    Missile attack on Panama Canal halts shipping traffic for six weeks
    The Second Yom Kippur War sends oil prices spiralling
    2057 Financial Crisis begins
  28. 2058 Terror attack in Cairo prompts OAPEC to restrict crude supply
    The Ghawar refinery is set alight in Saudi Arabia by Iranian spies
    The Ford Motor Company declares bankruptcy
    The Dallas Secession begins
    Open conflict with the United States begins
    Baron moves to Dallas America as an AB/NI operative
  29. 2059 Tzipora loses contact with her mother
    Tzipora leaves St Mary’s and moves East
    Lend-lease of nuclear silos g’teed under California Amendment
    June ceasefire between U.S. and Dallas
  30. 2061 Tzipora meets baron at Hotel Cairo
    Dallas government issues stand-down order after central command over secessionist militias wanes
    E.E.C. pledges material support to U.S. government
  31. 2063 Operation Sea of Reeds occurs
    Tzipora arrives in Vekllei
  32. 2064 The Boy Scouts of America excludes Chinese-borns
    Tzipora begins study at Metro International School
    Tzipora visits her birth geyser
  33. 2065 Vekllei celebrates 50 years of independence
    The Oslola vacuum dirigible is launched
    Tzipora visits the Moon for the first time
    Gary Works Integrated Steel Mill is destroyed in fire
    Venezuelan oil nationalised
    Tzipora begins study at Moshel St School
    Tzipora meets Cobian
    Jules Wynn is killed in Moscow
  34. 2066 U.S. Steel collapses
    Vekllei is awarded challenged South Lunar Pole sovereignty
    The Dallas Accords are signed
  35. 2067 Brazil invades Bolivia, spurring the Gum Wars
  36. 2068 The MacMillian Incident kills top Dallas commander
    The first Yellow Purge begins in the Dallas States
    Chrysler Motors declares bankruptcy
    America First Act passed in U.S. Congress
    U.S. Auto assets administered by government Black Bonds
  37. 2069 Tzipora visits Tokyo as part of the graduation trip of Lola 6th School
  38. 2071 Vekllei reaffirms lunar polar sovereignty through Moon II treaty
    Tzipora meets fellow Gregori baby Shizuku Kobayashi
  39. 2073 Tzipora starts work as a librarian in Lola
  40. 2073 Tzipora enters conscription with the 25th Garden Company
    The 2074 World’s Fair is held in Vekllei
    The Number 7 plant (Peace Reactor) is commissioned
  41. 2075 Tzipora moves to Montre-Lola to study at Montre University
    Tzipora starts work as Editor-in-Chief of the Montre College Weekly
    Tzipora starts work as unofficial contributor to Kid Comix
  42. 2075 Moon II treaty prohibits weapons-testing on the lunar surface
  43. 2081 Tzipora graduates from Montre University with PhD in English
    Tzipora begins her Yosnupet pilgrimage
  44. 2081 Tzipora begins work at the Montre-Lola district library
  45. 2094 Black Terror begins in O.K. under supervision of Dallas government
    Second Purge in Dallas States begins
  46. 2111 Second Atomic War begins
    Direct strikes in P.R.C., U.S., U.K., Vekllei, W. Germany, U.S.S.R.