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Part of the industry series of articles
Private Corporation in Vekllei
Industry Bicycles & mopeds
Headquarters Oslola
Founded 1899
Employees 2,410
Traded as GNA
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 1.6 billion

Gina S.c.L. is a bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer in Vekllei, specialising in bikes and mopeds. It has a long history of successful bicycle designs, but in the post-war period is synonymous with its most successful product: the Gina Motoral. It is the largest bicycle and moped manufacturer in Vekllei, and the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer after Vulcan.

Very few Vekllei people own cars, and usually make long commuters via shared transportation like trains, hydrofoils and commercial aircraft. The demand for personal transportation for intermediate distances and local commutes is very strong, and the Gina Motoral fulfils this role perfectly. First designed in 1963, it was not until the postwar period that the Gina Motor’s 14th iteration exploded in popularity. To date, over 20 million Gina Motorals have been sold, and is well liked by Vekllei people for its ease of use, quiet shrouded engine, and reliability. The current iteration is based on the chassis of another Gina bike, the Model 9, with extensive changes to prepare it for motorised and road use.

In addition to the Motoral, Gina manufactures a suite of bicycles for different riders and uses, from urban commuter bikes stored in cyclepools to offroad and mountain bikes for recreation. Gina has three factories including its headquarters in Oslola, and another in Kairi. It remains a private corporation within the Gina family, whose continued participation in cycle racing ensured they remain well-known throughout Vekllei.