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Aloi Republic

Aloi is part of Kalina
Aloi Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Part of Commonwealth Kalina
Capital Concordia
Population 12,404
Area 154 km2
Languages English, Arawak Creole
Vekllei Accession 1836, as part of the British Atlantic Territories

The Aloi Republic (also Alli) is a constituent republic of Vekllei in the Kalina archipelago. It is a small, cashew-shaped island defined by two conspicuous mountains in its north and south. The majority of its 12,000 people live in the saddle of flat land between them.

Aloi has scarce natural resources and historically was known for its maritime commerce, particularly for its part in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the sale of weapons to the U.S. during its revolution. It was discovered and colonised by the British in the 17th Century, who displaced native Caribs and exercised limited control over its population of mostly Jewish and Dutch traders.

The capital of Condordia is a historic and beautiful maritime town, iconic for its old stone warehouses along the waterfront and the British fort in its centre. Almost every employed person on Aloi works for the government, either in its administration, schools, or the power company. It is closely connected to the nearby islands of Liamuiga and Saba by hydrofoil, and by the airstrip on the Atlantic side for longer journeys.

A dormant volcano known as The Quill marks the highest point on the island, and its crater conceals a dark forest filled with tropical vegetation and flowers. Trade winds strike the Atlantic side of the island and little grows there, but the Caribbean side is home to breadfruit and banana groves. The island suffers poor rainfall and common cisterns collect it for domestic use. Most Aloians grow their own produce, and speak English and an Arawak Creole.

Points of Interest
  • The Quill: a dormant volcano and national park with trails and a forested crater.
  • Fort Elizabeth: Historic British naval fort, now a museum.
  • Boven Botanical Garden: European-style botanical garden with examples of almost every kinds of vegetation on Aloi.
  • Aloi United Banana Company: Oldest banana company in continuous operation in Kalina.
  • Golden Rock Memorial Graves Site: Burial ground of enslaved peoples on the site of the former Golden Rock plantation.