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Atlantic Department Company

ί· Part of the industry series of articles

The Atlantic Department Company S.A., trading as Atlantic, is the largest mainland department store chain in Vekllei. It is among the few companies to survive the transition to the social economy with its ownership intact, and remains within the family of the Kolot family that founded the chain in 1830.

Atlantic’s flagship store is in Lonne, Oslola, but has expanded in the postwar period to have stores in most populous Vekllei republics. It stocks a variety of dry goods, most commonly apparel and cosmetics but also homewares and furniture. Atlantic has a concierge system that allows longtime customers to book fittings and select a preferred attendant and tailor.

Atlantic is listed as ATL on the Commonwealth Securities Exchange and is the 12th largest company listed in the CRC/CSX 50. It is a preferred distributor of the Vekllei government.

Logo credit: Shigeo Ikkatsuoka & Takami Ikeda, 1984, for the Meitetsu retail company.