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National Machines

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National Machines
Bureau Corporation of Vekllei
Industry Computing & Robotics
Founded 2026
Employees 5,200
Traded as NMC
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 84 billion

National Machines S.p.A. is a computer and robotics manufacturer and research and development lab in Vekllei. It is by far the largest robotic appliance supplier in the country, and among the “Big Three” robotics firms in the world, alongside U.S. Robots and NRFP (Pabrik Fabrikasi Robot Nasional). Its flagships products include the General Use Machine (GUM) and the Automatic Factory Schematic System (AFS), which are the most popular robot and factory construction specification in Vekllei respectively.

National Machines is headquartered in Kala, and as a bureau constitutes several semiautonomous corporations. It is in a formal association with National Computer S.p.A., and a major sponsor of the National Photonic Laboratories at Vekllei National University.

National Machines is listed on the Commonwealth Securities Exchange as NMC, and is ranked 8th on the CRC/CSX 50.

Constituent Corporations of National Machines S.p.A.

  • Atlantic Electrics
  • International Machine Laboratories
  • HomeRobot