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Part of the industry series of articles
Bureau Corporation of Vekllei
Industry Shipping & logistics
Headquarters Cama
Founded 2025
Employees 7,470
Traded as ATS
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 120 billion

The Atlantis Company S.p.A. is a bureau corporation in Vekllei comprising most maritime logistics and shipping business in the country. Its member corporations, including state-owned Commonwealth Lines, represent nearly monopoly power over the Vekllei shipping industry.

Headquarted at the deepwater port in Cama, Atlantis is heavily decentralised across Vekllei, and its fleet ranges from wooden trawlers to suezmax container flagships. Unlike other bureaus, constituent corporate branding usually takes precedence over the bureau, and the individual company flag flies above the Atlantis flag.

Atlantis is listed on the Commonwealth Securities Exchange as NMC, and is ranked 7th on the CRC/CSX 50.

Constituent Corporations of Atlantis S.p.A.

Logo credit: Sandy Holman & Tom Lewis, 1979, for Ocean Gardening Products.