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Government Aircraft Factories

Part of the industry series of articles
Government Aircraft Factories
State Corporation of Vekllei
Parent Ministry of the Commons
Bureau Bureau of Aerospace
Industry Aerospace Manufacturing
Headquarters Oslola
Founded 2015
Employees 19,000
Traded as GAF
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 44.6 billion

Government Aircraft Factories (known as GA, Government Aircraft or The Factory) is an aircraft manufacturer owned by the government of Vekllei. It comprises the majority of aircraft research, development, testing and manufacturing in the country, and dominates civilian aerospace construction in Vekllei. It is also the oldest and most prestigious of the postwar aircraft development firms. It is a devolved corporation with plants and offices around Vekllei. It is independent from Commonwealth Aircraft and has a general focus on civilian aerospace, and the two companies have a historic rivalry.

It trades on the Commonwealth Securities Exchange as GAF, and is the fourth largest aircraft manufacturer in the world by market cap.