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Commonwealth Airways

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Commonwealth Airways
State Corporation of Vekllei
Parent Ministry of the Commons
Bureau Bureau of Aerospace
Industry Airline
Headquarters Oslola
Founded 1923, as Commonwealth Royal Airways
Employees 23,600
Traded as CMA
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 25.2 billion

Commonwealth Airways (formerly Commonwealth Royal Airways) is the flag carrier of Vekllei and its largest airline. It is a government-owned corporation jointly owned by the Bureau of Aerospace, and operates most of the country’s civil air infrastructure. It operates a fleet of over 600 aircraft of different types, from supersonic transports to airships. It flies to over

The Commonwealth Airways corporation is the parent of several airlines that serve different roles. Commonwealth Overseas Airways, for example, provides international services and specialises in foreign bookings and money-handling. Commonwealth Airlink on the other hand is a domestic service, primarily serving routes between Vekllei’s many small islands with light aircraft.

Commonwealth Airways

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