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General Reactor

Part of the industry series of articles
General Reactor
Bureau Corporation of Vekllei
Industry Nuclear
Headquarters Oslola
Founded 2017
Employees 4,800
Traded as GNR
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 120 billion

General Reactor S.p.A. (GR or the Green Shop) is a bureau corporation that operates the majority of fission and fusion power generation in Vekllei. It comprises mostly municipal plant corporations and specialised nuclear corporations for fuels and uranium enrichment.

General Reactor is also a major manufacturer of atomic engines through its constituent corporations, and contributes substantial research and development towards Vekllei atomic projects. It has close connections with the NSRE, and its Chief Scientist sits on the establishment’s board. It contributed to the development of sunburst reactors used in light aircraft, as well as the Vekllei spaceplane programme.

The company operates major fusion plants in Oslola where it is headquartered, as well as Kairi. It operates dozens more fission plants across Vekllei, as well as the infrastructure to support them.

Constituent Corporations of National Machines S.p.A.

  • Future Fission
  • Montre Atomic Energy Research Centre
  • Municipal Energy
  • Metromic
  • Commonwealth National Fusion Laboratories