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Commonwealth Oil

Part of the industry series of articles
Commonwealth Oil
State Corporation of Vekllei
Parent Ministry of Industry
Bureau Bureau of Hydrocarbons
Industry Oil and gas
Headquarters Kairi
Founded 2017
Employees 22,300
Traded as COC
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 2 trillion

Commonwealth Oil (also known as CommOil) is a multinational hydrocarbon energy company owned by the government of Vekllei, with primary business in petroleum exploration, extraction, and refining. It is estimated to be the 40th largest company in the world by revenue, owing to the vast oil and gas fields in Vekllei’s exclusive economic sea zones. Although its headquarters were relocated to Kairi in 2044 to be closer to the West Indies oil fields, the corporation was founded in Oslola and still occupies its original headquarters there are the base of Arctic oil extraction.

CommOil is vertically integrated, and has close ties to the Oil Survey Section and Energy Chemistry divisions of the LSRE. It operates major fields across Kalina, offshore from Kala, and in the Aismious fields. It also has thousands of wells scattered across minor deposits found across the vast Vekllei exclusive economic zone. It has major oil terminals in Kairi and Oslola, and exports petroleum around the world. The company specialises in offshore and underseas oil extraction, and due to the geography of the country operates only a handful of overland pipelines, which are located mostly in Kala. Undersea pipelines connect Vekllei to the US and South American petroleum grids.