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National Construction House

Part of the industry series of articles
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National Construction House
State Corporation of Vekllei
Parent Ministry of the Commons
Bureau Bureau of Public Works
Industry Construction
Headquarters Oslola
Founded 2035
Employees 40,300 (variable)

National Construction House (NCH) is the largest construction outfit in Vekllei and among the largest construction companies in the world. Despite its status as a government-owned corporation, it is heavily directed by government policy and functions closer to a department of the Bureau of Public Works. This privileged status also benefits the NCH in several ways, including access to conscript labour from corsosva and access to government-supplied equipment and robotics that automate most residential construction.

As a policy-directed company, the National Construction House builds the vast majority of homes in Vekllei, and is closely associated with almost all construction in the country.