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Anguilla Republic

Anguilla is part of Kalina
Anguilla Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Part of Commonwealth Kalina
Capital The Valley
Population 35,722
Area 91 km2
Languages English, Arawak Creole
Vekllei Accession 1836, as part of the British Atlantic Territories

The Anguilla Republic is a constituent republic of Vekllei in the Kalina archipelago, east of Virgin and north of Soualiga. It is a long, slender island resembling an eel, from which its name is derived. It is best known in Vekllei for its easygoing, maritime culture and architecture. Its population of 35,000 are scattered across the main coral island, which is flat and lacks fresh water. A handful of satellite islands and islets remain uninhabited.

Anguilla was originally settled by Arawaks from South America, who comprise about a fifth of the population today. Like most of Kalina, it was occupied by the British during the colonial period and served a plantation economy based on tobacco and later on sugar. Slaves traded from Africa were forced to work in this economy, whose descendants make up most of the remaining population today. Anguillan culture is informal and easygoing, and in industrial terms the island provides little to the overall economy of its commonwealth. It is a popular day-trip for Soualigans, who visit for the music, sport and food. Anguilla is also famous for its boat racing, which culminates in the West Indies Boat Race each February.

Today, Anguilla’s economy is dominated by municipal goods, salt, fish, lobster, and some experiments in seawater power generation conducted by LSRE. It has little arable land and imports most of its food, though common vegetable plots are found throughout their communities. A train line runs from West End to East End, with branched tram lines in The Valley and towards the village of Island Harbour.

The surface of Anguilla is pockmarked by saltwater pools, and the coral island has exquisite beaches that are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. It lacks a traditional colonial capital, since it was administered in Soualiga during the colonial period. Consequently, Anguilla built many fine examples of Caribbean Modernist architecture during its redevelopment as part of postwar Vekllei, and good quality architecture is ubiquitous throughout the republic.

Points of Interest
  • Anguilla Republic Council Building: A mammoth modernist seat of government famous for its intricate brickwork and mosaics.
  • Dauphine Estates: Acclaimed tower block complex in the Caribbean Prairie style.
  • Rendezvous: Popular bar and restaurant that has produced many regionally famous musicians.
  • Shoal Bay: Popular tourist beach with pristine white sand.
  • Leeward Salt Company: Local salt company and largest private employer on the island.
  • Island Harbour Docks: Public boat construction and repair facilities.
  • Anguilla Electric Laboratories: Seawater electricity generation complex operated by the LSRE.