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Kairi Republic

Kairi is part of Vekllei Kalina
Kairi Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Part of Commonwealth Kalina
Capital Conquerabia
Population 2,480,384
Languages English, Creole, Hindustani, Spanish
Area 4831 km2
Vekllei Accession 1930, as part of the Alford Agreement

The Kairi Republic is a constituent republic of Vekllei in the Caribbean. It is the southernmost part of the Kalina island group, and adjacent to Aloubaera. At its nearest point, Kairi is 11km off the coast of Venezuela, making it the closest border Vekllei has to a continental landmass. It comprises a single large island and a few smaller ones, and enjoys a tropical climate cooled by sea breezes year-round.

Kairi is home mostly to ethnic Indians and Africans, as well as Caribs who had settled the island prior to colonisation by European powers. About a third are descended from African slaves brought over to work sugar and cocoa plantations, and another third are Indian descended from indentured labourers brought over from South Asia by the British. The Indian population is the largest South Asian community in Vekllei, and retain their own language, religion and customs.

Kairi is the industrial heart of the Kalina island group and has substantial oil, gas, electricity, steel, aluminium, fertiliser, textiles and chemical industries. It is home to Vekllei’s second fusion power plant, opened in 2024, which supplies its heavy industries and neighbouring republics with power.

The capital of Conquerabia is home to CommOil and the Cherry Automobile Plant, which manufactures consumer and commercial vehicles. Cateral, the largest firearms manufacturer in Vekllei, is also headquartered there. The islands are well-serviced by a dense network of small trains and trams typical of the Vekllei Caribbean.

Thanks to its relative wealth, development and ready accession with Commonwealth government, Kairi has long been an example republic of Vekllei governance and planning in the Caribbean. It is host to several international schools and missions, and contributes substantially to the overall prosperity of the Vekllei Caribbean. Kairi is the site of the original and main campus of the Commonwealth University of the West Indies, which ranks highly among national tertiary schools. It is also the administrative capital of the Kalina Commonwealth state.