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Allia Republic

Allia is part of Kalina Commonwealth
Allia Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Part of the Kalina Commonwealth
Capital Athlone
Population 16,302
Area 102 kmΒ²
Languages Irish, Allia Creole, English
Vekllei Accession 1836, as part of the British Atlantic Territories

The Allia Republic is a constituent republic in the Caribbean Sea, and part of the Lesser Antilles island chain that make up the Kalina Commonwealth, which is part of Vekllei. Its closest neighbour, Antigua, is just under 50km to its northeast.

Often called the “Emerald Isle” of the Caribbean, Allia’s history and culture is heavily influenced by British settlement of indebted and enslaved Irish and African peoples, whose descendants make up almost all of the 16,000 people who live there today. Like all Vekllei republics, the language of government and business is English, but Alliot households speak Irish primarily and many speak Allia Creole, a combination of Irish and indigenous Kalinago languages influenced by neighbouring islands. As such, Allia has the largest population of Irish speakers outside of Ireland. They are mostly Roman Catholic.

Allia was uninhabited during the time of its settling by the British in the 17th Century. It was during this first century that the plantation economy started receiving shipments of slaves from Africa and later Ireland, a practice that continued up until the abolishment of slavery in the early 19th Century. It remained part of the UK in various forms until the independence of the British Atlantic Territories and subsequently became part of Vekllei. Today, its economy is mostly agricultural, but its strong music scene and creative industries are thriving in the capital of Athlone, and contribute to Allia’s outsized cultural influence in Vekllei. Its unique history makes it a popular destination for Vekllei tourists, as well as some foreigners.

The island is about 18km long by 10km wide and resembles a pear. It has rugged, volcanic mountains with long pyroclastic slopes that stretch to the water. These mountains are thickly forested with jungle typical of its tropical Caribbean region. The island is actively volcanic and eruptions occur periodically, most recently in the mid-1990s when the SoufriΓ¨re Hills erupted and destroyed mostly uninhabited areas in the island’s southwest.

Most Alliots live in the capital of Athlone, but there are estates and villages that circumnavigate the entire coast. They are connected by a mainline train service, as well as small trams and funiculars. Allia is connected to the rest of Kalina by fast hydrofoils and flying boats.