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Barbados Republic

Barbados is part of Kalina
Barbados Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Part of Commonwealth Kalina
Capital Indian Bridge
Population 1,420,421
Area 439 km2
Languages English, Bajan Creole
Vekllei Accession 1836, as part of the British Atlantic Territories

The Barbados Republic is a constituent republic of Vekllei in the Kalina archipelago, east of Youloumain and northeast of the Aloubaera. Although it is grouped with the rest of Kalina, it is technically an Atlantic rather than Caribbean island, and is relatively flat for an island of its size. It is roughly triangular and densely populated, with most of its residents clustered around the capital of Indian Bridge on the southwest coast.

Uninhabited upon European discovery, Barbados has a long history as a gateway to the Lesser Antilles and South America. The island was settled by the British in the 17th Century and was reincorporated as part of the British Atlantic Territories in 1836. It gained independence along with the rest of the Territories a century later. Like the rest of Kalina, the culture and demography of Barbados is heavily influenced by the legacy of slavery, and the majority of Barbadians are descended from Africans.

Sugar production dominated the Barbadian economy until the mid-20th Century, but the island was forced to diversify as prices and demand fell. It was supplemented by minor reserves of oil and natural gas, as well as fish and sugar derivatives like molasses. In the postwar Vekllei period, the export-heavy economy was corrected to better support its large and urban population through the development of hydroponic and agricultural cooperatives, and municipal manufacturing. Barbados is home to the largest robotics factory in Vekllei, which produces mostly industrial and construction automatons for National Machines.

A patchwork of farms, mostly privately owned, quilt the wide tracts of arable land outside the capital. Barbados is the most densely-populated island in the Eastern Caribbean, and consequently is well-served by sophisticated Vekllei transport infrastructure. A coastal and interior rail line serve medium-distance routes, and trams and a metro are available in Indian Bridge. Travel to the island is primarily served by Sobers International Jetport and hydrofoils to neighbouring republics, and long-distance cruises also operate from the capital.

Points of Interest
  • Kensington Oval: Historic stadium with a strong cricket tradition.
  • Gun Hill Barracks: Largest territorial service military base in Kalina with historic, colonial-era barracks and signal station in use.
  • Farley Hill Estate & National Park: Hilltop mansion with lush colonial gardens.
  • Barbados National Robotics Plant: Largest robotics manufacturing complex in Vekllei owned by National Machines.
  • National Machines Laboratories: National Machines robotics testing and development firm.
  • Barbados Museum: Large, multi-interest museum and headquarters of the local historical society.
  • Combermere School: Among the oldest schools in the Caribbean, founded in 1695. Still operating as a public secondary school today.
  • Bloomsbury Botanical Gardens: Beautiful horticultural gardens maintained by Barbados University.