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Part of the industry series of articles
Private Corporation in Vekllei
Industry Electronics
Headquarters Santes
Founded 2044
Employees 16
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 24 million

Adelectrics S.c.L. is a consumer electronics designer in Vekllei. It is a small operation based out of the republic of Santes, and employs just 16 people, mostly family and friends of founder James Bell.

Adelectrics only designs and manufactures prototypes, and primarily licenses its products to larger companies for mass production. They are best known for the Adelectrics POCKETVOX, a pocket radio popular in Vekllei, and a type of commcard used in large manufacturing plants.

Bell has a background in electric engineering and product development at National Machines, and founded Adelectrics in 2044 after twenty years at the company. Its first product, the Adelectrics Lightfast (an electric lighter) only found limited success. The POCKETVOX is the second-most popular consumer radio in Vekllei and made Bell ‘National Engineer of the Year’ in 2047.