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United Grocers

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United Grocers
Municipal Corporation of Vekllei
Industry Food & Retail
Headquarters Virgin
Founded 2018
Employees 82,900
Traded as UNG
Accounted Revenue AK ✾ 70 billion

United Grocers is an inter-municipal co-operative business that sells agricultural surplus through its network of franchised groceries. It can be found in one form or another across all of Vekllei. United Grocers is a signatory to the Living Standards Scheme, and so can be compelled by the government to distribute appropriated food in times of need.

The franchise is ubiquitous throughout most Vekllei cities, and is the most common place to shop for household groceries by accounted revenue. There are some 7,500 locations across Vekllei republics.

United Grocers stock local produce and agriculture surplus, as well as factory foods like synthesised meats. They also stock domestic items like cleaning products and home essentials. They are heavily automated through a central stock database, and have stock robots manufactured by National Machines to shelve and track products.

As co-operative enterprises in a franchise system, local franchises are usually owned by a few members of their surrounding communities, and are maintained by their owners or volunteer labour.