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Commonwealth Health Parliament

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This parliament is part of Vekllei.

Overview #

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The Commonwealth Health Parliament is a secretariat of the Vekllei Commonwealth Government. It is lead by a First Secretary, who reports directly to the Cabinet. In general, the Health Parliament legislates, finances and administers healthcare in Vekllei, particularly its comprehensive and universal public healthcare scheme.

The system is highly centralised, with rigid care and administrative standards that are applied across all levels of public health. Innovations in healthcare, including a digital nationwide patient database, help efficiency and ease the burden of care on ward staff. Vekllei public health is recognised as a quality and equitable system, with good outcomes for patients in its care. Its accessibility and universality of care contribute greatly to standards of health and quality of life in Commonwealth society.

Commonwealth Office of Public Health #

The Office of Public Health is the administrative centre of public health in Vekllei, and coordinates policy between federal, national and municipal healthcare.

National Health Council #

The National Health Council facilitates the operation of the public health system as the superior administrative body. It advises the Office of Public Health and contributes to its decision-making. It also maintains the administrative services required for the national health system, including personnel departments, tribunals and liaisons for the Health Accounting Office. In effect, it unites the whole system under a single chain of command, ensuring consistent practice and policy across the entire country.

The National Health Council also promotes healthy living and disease prevention to the public through programmes in the home, school and workplace.

Vekllei Health Network #

The Vekllei Health Network (VHN) is the body that actually supplies and supports public health facilities. It connects individual hospitals, clinics and GPs with the Health Parliament, and arranges the logistics to ensure their function.

Each constituent and republic has its own Local Health Network, which cascade in a decentralised system to ensure universal coverage. The VHN is divided into six regions at a federal level.

Regions of the Vekllei Health Network

  • North Atlantic Healthcare District
  • South Atlantic Healthcare District
  • East Atlantic Healthcare District
  • West Atlantic Healthcare District
  • Caribbean Healthcare District
  • Rural Islands and Federal Territories Healthcare District

The VHN also links the public health system with industry boards, councils and accreditors. These councils advise the VHN directly to make process changes, bypassing the bureaucracy of the National Health Council.

Special Councils of the Vekllei Health Network

  • Allied Health Professions Council
  • Vekllei Dental Council
  • Vekllei Surgery Council
  • Vekllei Pharmacy Council
  • Vekllei Nursing Board
  • Rural Doctors Council
  • Opticians Board
  • Family Physicians Accreditation Board
  • Specialists Accreditation Board
  • Dental Accreditation Board

Commonwealth Disease Authority #

The Commonwealth Disease Authority (CDA) is the national public health agency of the Commonwealth. It aims to protect public health through prevention of disease, injury and disability. To this end, it gathers and centralises Vekllei disease intelligence and is responsible for managing contagion and outbreaks.

The CDA conducts extensive field work through its Epidemic Intelligence Service and World Health Research Organisation. It also has special powers allowing it to implement short-term quarantines and mobilise the public health system.

Departments of the Commonwealth Disease Authority

  • Office of Statistics
  • Office of Civil Defence
  • Office of Health Democracy
  • Office of Laboratories
  • Epidemic Intelligence Service
  • Department of Toxic Substances
  • Department of Immunisation
  • Department of Emerging Diseases
  • Department of Artificial Diseases
  • Department of Quarantine
  • Department of Transmissible Diseases
  • National Disease Registry
  • World Health Research Organisation

Commonwealth Health Academy #

The Commonwealth Health Academy is a policy institution and also coordinates medical education across the country.

Medicines Authority #

The Medicines Authority develops and manufactures medicines.

Radiation Health Authority #

The Radiation Health Authority (RHA) is an agency for radiation protection. It has roles in licensing and inspection of radioactive treatments and medicines in the country, as well as research in nuclear medicine. The RHA also has a civil defence role, and promotes awareness of radiation dangers and sickness in the event of the release of radiation in an accident or nuclear war.

Food and Medicines Standards Authority #

The Food and Medicines Standards Authority (FMSA) is a statutory agency that controls and supervises food and medicine safety. Most consumable substances are regulated by the FMSA, and require approval for import or export in the country. The FMSA also investigates toxic food and medicines.

Departments of the Food and Medicines Standards Authority

  • Department of Research

  • Department of Radiological Health

  • Department of Medicines

  • Department of Food Safety

  • Department of Vices

  • Department of Narcotics and Prohibited Substances

  • National Medicines Laboratories

  • Special Commission on Women’s Health

  • Special Commission on Food Policy

Integrated Health Office #

The Integrated Health Office (IHO) reports to the National Health Council and was set up to facilitate inter-agency cooperation and bridge communication gaps between agencies, services and professions. It advises the Health Parliament directly, and has a permanent representative in its board. Primarily, it advises the Health Parliament on healthcare developments and research, as well as the data it produces in its audits.

Integrated Health Accounting Office #

The Integrated Accounting Office (IAO-IHO) is a small outfit that helps collate accounting books into usable data for the Health Accounting Office. The public health system consists of thousands of hospitals, research labs and medical schools, and the IAO collects information that goes on to inform budgeting and health finance policy in other Health Parliament agencies.

Integrated Care Office #

The Integrated Care Office (ICO-IHO) facilitates treatment across multiple health services, most commonly transitions between inpatient treatment in hospitals to community care and support. It processes documents and paperwork automatically in its massive computers to alleviate the bureaucratic burden on hospital staff and nominated guardians.

Commonwealth Public Health Archives #

The Commonwealth Public Health Archives (CPHA-IHO) maintain a central, digitised database of all patient records, and develop and manufacture technologies used to collect and update information in the health system. This includes products like the Ward Health Terminal, which is also sold overseas. The CPHA also maintains the network infrastructure of the public health system, particularly in public hospitals and large clinics.

Commonwealth Public Health Laboratories #

The Commonwealth Public Health Laboratories (CPHL-IHO) is the research outfit of the Health Parliament. It conducts sociological, medical, economic and technological research to assist with the efficiency and quality of the public health care system. Its innovations include the Standard Commonwealth MediBed, which is now used in every Vekllei hospital.

Health Democracy Advocate #

The Health Democracy Advocate (HDA) is a statutory body set up to receive, assess, resolve and prosecute complaints in the public health system. It also acts an advocate for the rights, dignity and welfare of patients in tribunals and legal disputes.

Health Accounting Office #

The Health Accounting Office (HAO) is the nationwide auditor of health service accounts. It uses costing exercises, modern commercial accounting and medicines industry liaisons to track waste and inefficiencies in the Vekllei health system. It is a statutory body that reports to the National Health Council, and contributes research and reports towards the costs of the health system.

Health Finance Board #

The Health Finance Board is a research office that calculates cost estimates for the operation of the public health system, as well as proposed expansions and initiatives. It supplies the HAO with budget estimates and reports detailing the.

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