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Verde Commonwealth

The Volcanic Commonwealth is a constituent of Vekllei
Verde Commonwealth
Regional Commonwealth of Vekllei
Population 1,745,103
Area 5,005 kmΒ²

The Verde Commonwealth (Vekllei Verde) is a constituent commonwealth of Vekllei, comprising the Cabo Verde archipelago and the islands of Principe and Java, located off the west coast of Africa. The Cabo Verde island group has a desert climate, while the others are maritime and tropical. All are volcanic or igneous, and share striking terrain that gives each republic a unique character.

Life in the Verde Commonwealth is mostly municipal, characterised by communal landownership and smallholding agriculture. The most populous republics are more diverse, and host substantial regional industries including port facilities, commodities refining and manufacturing.

Republics of the Verde Commonwealth

  • Boa Vista Republic
  • Brava Republic
  • Covoada Republic
  • Fogo Republic
  • Java
  • Maio Republic
  • MoroΓ§os Republic
  • Praia Republic
  • Principe Republic
  • Sal Republic
  • Viana Republic
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