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Antarctic Commonwealth

Commonwealth Antarctica is a constituent of Vekllei
Commonwealth Antarctica
Regional Commonwealth of Vekllei
Capital Helena
Population 118,982
Area 16,493 kmΒ²

Commonwealth Antarctica (Vekllei Antarctica) is a constituent commonwealth of Vekllei, comprising largely isolated and scattered island republics in the south Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. It is the least-populated and least-developed of the regional commonwealths, and its republics are dependent on small trades, fishing, and Vekllei Commonwealth institutions like the military and civil service.

Commonwealth Antarctica extends from the Santes and Sude Republics in the Antarctic Ocean to Ascension just below the equator. Compared to other commonwealths, it has vast internal distances between sparse and isolated island republics. It includes desert and temperate islands like Ascension and Helena, as well as barren and wind-worn rocks in the Antarctic.

Commonwealth Antarctica occupies a strategic position in the South Atlantic, and bolsters the Vekllei claims on the antarctic continent. Many of its republics host air bases or naval stations that support Vekllei sovereignty over nearly the entire Atlantic Oceans, from Arctic to Antarctic.

Republics of the Commonwealth Antarctica

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