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Bureau of Health Services

This bureau is part of the Health Parliament

The Bureau of Health Services is the administrative centre of public health in Vekllei, and coordinates policy between federal, national and municipal healthcare. In service of these aims it incorporates health accounting, the procurement of pharmaceuticals, tracks health outcomes and patient data and facilitates policy adviced by health regulators.

The bureau acts as the central nervous system of the different healthcare services, and its role in the Health Parliament is administrative and political. It advices parliament on the general status of the healthcare system, including its efficiency, opportunities and costs. Using the expertise of other bureaus, it also produces health policy it then presents to the parliament for approval. Officers in the bureau are typically recruited from industry or have a medical background, and the organisation has a reputation for data-driven and pragmatic policymaking.

Executive Council #

Departments #

  • General Headquarters
    • Office of the Director
    • Office of Parliamentary Services
    • Office of Legal Services
    • Office of Security
    • Office of Communications
    • Office of Culture & Personnel
    • Office of Labour & Recruitment
  • Department of Health Policy
    • Office of Regional Health
    • Office of Tobacco, Narcotics & Alcohol Policy
    • Office of Food Policy
    • Office of Immunisation
    • Pharmaceutical Procurement Service
  • Department of Health Products
    • Office of Regulatory Services
    • Office of Prescriptions & Medicines Policy
  • Department of Health Resourcing
    • Office of Surgeons & Specialists
    • Office of General Practitioners
    • Office of Nursing & Midwifery
    • Office of Incentives & Renewal
  • Department of Health Technology
    • Office of Health Architecture
    • Office of Data & Electronic Records
    • Office of Health Technology Assessment
    • Office of Genomics
    • Office of Pharmacy & Pricing
    • Office of Prostheses
    • Office of Access & Health Improvement
  • Department of Benefits
    • Office of Health Professionals Compliance
    • Office of Provider Compliance
    • Office of Health Integrity
  • Department of Infrastructure
    • Office of Emergency Care
    • Office of Ambulances
  • Department of Municipal Health
    • Office of Health Districts
  • Department of Senior Care
    • Office of Nursing Facilities
    • Office of Senior Support
  • Department of Health Accounts
    • Office of Revenues
    • Office of Strategic Procurement
  • Department of Statistics
    • Office of Analysis
    • National Health Archives
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Office of Foreign Exchange
    • Office of Foreign Procurement
    • Office of Medical Aid
    • Office of Grants & Scholarships

Boards & Commissions #

  • Health Accounting Commission: Auditor of health service accounts that tracks waste and inefficiencies in the health system.
  • Health Finance Board: Calculates revenues and costs for operation and expansion of the health system.