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Commonwealth Arctic

Commonwealth Antarctica is a constituent of Vekllei
Commonwealth Arctic
Regional Commonwealth of Vekllei
Capital Canec
Population 489,848
Area 2,228,131 km2

The Commonwealth Arctic (Vekllei Arctic) is a constituent commonwealth of Vekllei, comprising Kala and Helvasia Republic, the two republics that lie in within the Arctic Circle. It is the largest Commonwealth by land area, but very little of it is habitable and the majority of the population live in a handful of major cities.

The Commonwealth has a strong cultural association with indigenous Algic and Sami peoples, who make up the majority of the population in Kala and Helvasia respectively. In addition, many Oslolans, Scandinavians, and some equatorial and Antarctic Vekllei populations reside there.

The majority of Kala and the entirety of Helvasia Republic lie within the Arctic Circle, and are characterised by Arctic climates and extreme seasons, including midnight sun and polar nights. The Arctic Commonwealth contributes much of Vekllei’s cold-weather and arctic expertise in research, industry, and military sectors. It is also the site of Polar University in Kala, the largest school within the Arctic Circle.

The Commonwealth has economic zones that border Canada, Scandinavia and the Soviet Union, and competing claims over the resources in the Arctic are a source of diplomatic tension. The Maritime and Littoral Services have a half dozen icebreaking naval bases in the Arctic republics.

Republics of the Commonwealth Antarctica

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