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Healthcare in Vekllei

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Overview #

As elsewhere in Vekllei, healthcare is centralised in planning and standards and decentralised in delivery. Each republic has a National Health Service which governs regional policy.

Almost all healthcare available in Vekllei comes through public financing and providers. There are two private hospitals in the country which provide specialised care to foreigners.

The current system has good outcomes, and its public services are widely available to residents.

Services #

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There are 540 hospitals in Vekllei with a total of 80,000 beds.

Public health care covers the following:

  • hospital inpatient services
  • most general practitioner (GP) and specialist services
  • a broad list of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • home care services
  • physiotherapy
  • most preventive measures, including selected vaccinations, selected general health examinations, and screenings for high-risk patients
  • maternity care, including prenatal checkups, birth, postpartum care, and breastfeeding advice
  • outpatient care for mental illness, if provided or delegated by physicians
  • medically necessary long-term care
  • hospice care if there is an underlying disease

Mental Health #

The country has six psychiatric hospitals. The largest is the Institute of Psychiatric Health

Pharmaceuticals and Medicine #

The Commonwealth Government has

Funding and Accounting #

Hospitals and staff are funded by the

Like all Vekllei state-owned enterprises, healthcare in Vekllei uses commercial accounting systems and records spending. Although money is not actually used, these budgets are audited regularly and expenditure is determined through an extensive costing exercise.

Healthcare delivery costs are often opaque in Vekllei’s integrated health systems, in which a pharmaceutical can be produced, shipped and administered without material financial cost. Instead, prices are affixed by the Health Accounting Office and used as guides for cost. These budgets compel health services to discipline their costs.

Role of Government #

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Public healthcare is integrated into Vekllei’s cascading federal system. National Health Authorities (NHAs) are tasked with local policy and the delivery of most care, including health promotion programmes and the administration of hospitals. The federal Health Secretariat designs commonwealth policy, and conducts most health planning and research. The federal health authorities also purchase foreign imports necessary for domestic healthcare, including the Community Pharmacy Agreements (CPA) which negotiate foreign medicine prices.

Diagram of public health organisation
Diagram of the organisation of public health in Vekllei and its structure

The foundation of Vekllei public health, however, lies in the municipalities. General Practitioners (GPs) and Family Doctors are the main primary care providers in the country, and are employed by municipal health councils.

Role of Government
  • Commonwealth Health Secretariat
    • Commonwealth Office of Public Health
    • Commonwealth Disease Control Authority
    • National Health Council
      • Vekllei Health Network
    • Commonwealth Health Academy
    • Medicines Authority
    • Radiation Health Authority
    • Food and Medicines Standards Authority
    • Integrated Health office
      • Integrated Health Accounting Office
      • Integrated Care Office
    • Health Democracy Advocate
    • Health Accounting Office
      • Health Finance Board
  • Vekllei National Health
    • Health Sciences Authority
    • Health Promotion Board
    • Hospital Administration
  • Vekllei Municipal Health