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✿ You can contact me at πŸ“§ [email protected].

Choosing a commission #

You know what I draw – it’s probably how you found me. It should be no surprise then that I work best in my element. Consider how your commission can use my strengths as an artist, and I’ll help you develop a concept.

Good Concepts I will not draw
  • People & characters
  • Uniforms & design
  • Architecture & machines
  • Scenes & places
Pornographic, obscene,
immoral, or otherwise
offensive concepts

Sketches & Concepts: $20-$75 1-2 days #

These are artworks that are good for developing an idea. They’re rough around the edges, usually uncoloured, and full of energy. Prices vary on their scope and colour.


Characters & Design: $75-$200 2-5 days #

These are finished artworks that realise your people, machines and objects. They’re great for showing off a character, helping you design a vehicle or visualise a machine. Prices vary on the complexity of depicted items and artwork detail.


Paintings & Landscapes: $200-$500 1-2 weeks #

These are complete artworks showcasing a scene or place. They’re detailed, painterly, and finished to a high standard. Prices vary depending on the detail of the scene and the number and complexity of its elements.


Process & delivery #

  1. Contact me with your idea. We’ll talk about what you want and whether I’m a good fit. If you decide to commission me, I’ll give a quote in writing and an estimated completion date.
  2. I’ll produce a preliminary sketch. This will be used as a reference for the finished work, and is a good time to make conceptual changes.
  3. If you like what you see, you’ll pay Β½ the price quoted as a deposit. At this point, you’re committed to the work.
  4. I’ll finish the commission, and will give updates on request.
  5. Once finished, I’ll forward a watermarked image as a preview. If you’re satisfied, you’ll receive your artwork and a MillMint Gift Basketβ„’ upon payment of the outstanding sum.
Your MillMint Gift Basketβ„’
  • High-resolution, uncompressed image
  • Compressed, shareable image
  • Timelapse of the process
  • Digital Postcard
  • Receipt
  • Coupon for 10% off next order
Terms & Conditions
Commissioned work is subject to the πŸ“„ MillMint Limited Commercial License

1. Payment

  • These are digital goods, delivered in a digital format.
  • All rights and usage of the work are forfeit until payment.
  • By commissioning MillMint (me), you are made aware of and agree to these terms.

2. License

  • When you commission work from me, it is licensed under limited commercial use. This allows for personal and limited commercial use, but permission is required for some commercial use-cases.
  • MillMint retains copyright over the work under the license agreement.
  • All reproductions of the work must retain signatures and marks.

3. Refunds

  • Partial refunds are available after the deposit has been placed. The refund total will be adjusted based on progress completed.
  • In the event I am unable to complete your commission, your deposit will be refunded in full.
I can be contacted via email, Twitter, or Discord (@millmint).