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Commonwealth Health Council

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The Health Council is part of the Health Parliament

The Commonwealth Health Council facilitates the operation of the public health system as the superior administrative body. It advises the Office of Public Health and contributes to its decision-making. It also maintains the administrative services required for the national health system, including personnel departments, tribunals and liaisons for the Health Accounting Office. In effect, it unites the whole system under a single chain of command, ensuring consistent practice and policy across the entire country.

The National Health Council also promotes healthy living and disease prevention to the public through programmes in the home, school and workplace.

Vekllei Health Network #

The Vekllei Health Network (VHN) is the body that actually supplies and supports public health facilities. It connects individual hospitals, clinics and GPs with the Health Parliament, and arranges the logistics to ensure their function.

Each constituent and republic has its own Local Health Network, which cascade in a decentralised system to ensure universal coverage. The VHN is divided into six regions at a federal level.

Regions of the Vekllei Health Network

  • North Atlantic Healthcare District
  • South Atlantic Healthcare District
  • East Atlantic Healthcare District
  • West Atlantic Healthcare District
  • Caribbean Healthcare District
  • Rural Islands and Federal Territories Healthcare District

The VHN also links the public health system with industry boards, councils and accreditors. These councils advise the VHN directly to make process changes, bypassing the bureaucracy of the National Health Council.

Special Councils of the Vekllei Health Network

  • Allied Health Professions Council
  • Vekllei Dental Council
  • Vekllei Surgery Council
  • Vekllei Pharmacy Council
  • Vekllei Nursing Board
  • Rural Doctors Council
  • Opticians Board
  • Family Physicians Accreditation Board
  • Specialists Accreditation Board
  • Dental Accreditation Board