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Commonwealth Kalina

Commonwealth Kalina is a constituent of Vekllei
Commonwealth Kalina
Regional Commonwealth of Vekllei
Capital Kairi (administrative), Virgin (judicial), Lucia (legislative)

Commonwealth Kalina (Vekllei Kalina) is a constituent commonwealth of Vekllei, comprising the entire Lesser Antilles island chain and a few adjacent islands. It contains 20 island republics. It is the second most-populous Commonwealth after Oslola, and is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse, owing to its colonial and industrial history.

Republics of Commonwealth Kalina

  • Allia
  • Aloi Republic
  • Aloubaera
  • Anguis Republic
  • Antam Republic
  • Barbados Republic
  • Barbuda Republic
  • Cama
  • Karu Republic
  • Kabuli Republic
  • Kairi
  • Liamuiga Republic
  • Lucia Republic
  • Madiana Republic
  • Oualie Republic
  • Ouanalao Republic
  • Saba Republic
  • Soualiga Republic
  • Virgin
  • Youloumain Republic
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