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Atlantic Commonwealth

Commonwealth Antarctica is a constituent of Vekllei
Atlantic Commonwealth
Regional Commonwealth of Vekllei
Population 1,168,038
Area 3,088 kmΒ²

The Atlantic Commonwealth (Vekllei Atlantic) is a constituent commonwealth of Vekllei, comprising formerly Portuguese territories in the eastern Atlantic around 1,400km west of the European continent. Its republics have a warm, oceanic climate and are characterised by conspicuous terrain and lush mountainsides. Many of them are actively volcanic.

The majority of the Commonwealth’s republics are clustered in the Azores archipelago, but also includes the islands of Mira and Porto Santo to their southeast. Their unique history and geography give the Atlantic Commonwealth a distinctive culture, and has seen its population grow consistently since joining Vekllei in the postwar period.

Republics of the Atlantic Commonwealth

  • Fayal Republic
  • Flores Republic
  • Graciosa Republic
  • Maria Republic
  • Mira Republic
  • Pico Republic
  • Porto Santo Republic
  • Terceira Republic
  • Velas Republic
  • Costa Verde
🌹Atlantic Commonwealth