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Commonwealth Disease Authority

This bureau is part of the Health Parliament

The Commonwealth Disease Authority (CDA) is the national public health agency of the Commonwealth. It aims to protect public health through prevention of disease, injury and disability. To this end, it gathers and centralises Vekllei disease intelligence and is responsible for managing contagion and outbreaks.

The CDA conducts extensive field work through its Epidemic Intelligence Service and World Health Research Organisation. It also has special powers allowing it to implement short-term quarantines and mobilise the public health system.

Executive Council #

Departments #

  • General Headquarters
    • Office of Statistics
    • Office of Civil Defence
    • Office of Health Democracy
    • Office of Laboratories
  • Department of Toxic Substances
  • Department of Immunisation
  • Department of Novel Diseases
  • Department of Artificial Diseases
  • Department of Quarantine
  • Department of Transmissible Diseases

Boards & Commissions #

  • Epidemic Intelligence Service:
  • National Disease Registry:
  • World Health Research Organisation: