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Bureau of Public Health

This bureau is part of the Health Parliament

The Bureau of Public Health administers the delivery of healthcare in Vekllei. In some places, it provides healthcare services directly through hospitals. In others, it facilitates the operation of local healthcare districts by a municipality.

The bureau is vertically integrated, and administers all healthcare support services including ambulances, general practitioners, pharmacies, home care and logistics staff. In most cases, these are operated locally by a municipal healthcare district administered directly by the bureau.

Executive Council #

Departments #

  • General Headquarters
    • Office of the Director
    • Office of the Chief Medical Scientist
    • Office of the Surgeon General
    • Office of Parliamentary Services
    • Office of Legal Services
    • Office of Communications
    • Office of Culture & Personnel
    • Office of Labour & Recruitment
  • Department of Municipal Care
    • Office of Network Strategy
    • Office of Emergency Response
    • Office of Patient Engagement
    • North Commonwealth Health Administration
    • South Commonwealth Health Administration
    • East Commonwealth Health Administration
    • West Commonwealth Health Administration
  • Department of Primary Care
    • Office of Hospitals & Clinics
    • Office of Primary Care Services
    • Office of Primary Care Infrastructure
    • Office of Primary Care Analysis & Renewal
    • Office of Universal Care
    • Office of Urgent Care Clinics
  • Department of Population Health
    • Office of the Health Democracy Commission Liaison
    • Office of Health Equity
  • Department of Chronic Illness
    • Office of Cancer Screening
    • Office of Newborn Screening
    • Office of Palliative Care
    • Office of Hearing Services
    • Office of Disability Services
  • Department of Immunisation
    • Office of Immunisation Supply
    • Office of Immunisation Access & Compliance
    • Office of Immunisation Analysis & Renewal
  • Department of Psychological Services
    • Office of Children & Vulnerable Populations
    • Office of Psychiatry & Therapeutical Services
    • Office of Suicide Prevention
    • National Trauma Health Centre

Boards & Commissions #

  • National Genomics Laboratories: Specialist hospital for gene research and treatment.
  • National Regional Health Commission: Independent commission auditing the quality and accessibility of regional healthcare.