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Ministry of Defence

ί· This ministry is part of Vekllei

The Ministry of Defence (COSMOKOS) represents the Military of Vekllei, which are consolidated under the Commonwealth Military Command. The ministry does not exercise command authority over the armed forces of Vekllei, and serves instead as the ministerial liaison between the Commonwealth Military Command and the Interior Government. Common responsibilities of COSMOKOS include:

  • Recruitment of citizens and foreigners into the Commonwealth armed forces.
  • Procuring equipment to meet the Vekllei obligation towards the Commonwealth armed forces.
  • Training citizens and foreigners for the branches of the Commonwealth armed forces.
  • Conducting scientific military research.
  • Policing and security of Vekllei territories and waters.

COSMOKOS also provides security services domestically, and is responsible for most internal police and security organisations in Vekllei.

βš”οΈMinistry of Defence