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Police of the Public

The Police of the Public are part of the Ministry of Defence

The Police of the Public (COSMOPOR) are the local police in Vekllei, consisting mostly of constabulary responsible for local policing. COSMOPOR are retained on a municipal level, and divided between municipalities in neighbourhoods known as commissions. A commission is lead by an Inspector or Qualified Constable.

image of a local and government policewoman standing on break
Municipal (public) vs Commonwealth (parliament) police.

Each neighbourhood commission, which might comprise an area of thousands of people, is further subdivided in constabularies, which are the responsibility of a constable. Constables general know each person in their constabulary, and visits each residence regularly to confirm the welfare of their community and hear their grievances.

Constables attend to the security and peacefulness of their jurisdictions, and are often unarmed. Most arrests and warrants are executed by Inspectors or VENOPOR officers rather than constables.