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Bureau of War

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This bureau is part of the Ministry of Defence

The Armed Forces of Vekllei, arranged under the COSMOKOS ministry, are unusual in that they do not have control directly over troops or equipment. The actual armed forces of Vekllei, known as the Crown Armed Forces, are a sovereign feature of the country and as such are placed under direct supervision of the Palace of Vekllei – seperate from the Vekllei and Commonwealth governments.

The purpose of the Armed Forces of Vekllei, an agency-level body under control of COSMOKOS, is to integrate the Crown Armed Forces with the interior government, and facilitate the employ of Vekllei people in the Armed Forces.

Department of Communications #

The Department of Communications is a bureau-level organisation of the Armed Forces responsible for coordinating public information about military activities. It also produces several newspapers and periodicals for servicemen through subservient publishing houses.

Department of Compulsory Service #

The Department of Compulsory Service (DoCS, also CS) oversees the Vekllei Compulsory Service Scheme, a hybrid civilian/military conscription law that requires four years from each Commonwealth citizen between the ages of 18 and 32. Despite reporting to the Armed Forces of COSMOKOS, the DoCS does not facilitate widespread conscription and mobilisation of the civilian population, a role served by the DoM. Instead, it is responsible primarily for supervising the fulfilment of the Compulsory Service Scheme, and administrating the conscription and training of Vekllei citizens, including in civilian and industrial roles.

Department of Expeditionary Affairs #

The Department of Expeditionary Affairs (DoEA) coordinates military affairs with states overseas, including members of the Commonwealth. Responsibilities include facilitating military exchange and cooperation with foreign militaries, as well as relations-focussed work with strategic and allied nations.

Department of Mobilisation #

The Department of Mobilisation (DoM) is responsible for recruitment in peacetime, and conscription in the outbreak of war. In the Floral Period, Vekllei defensive doctrine aims to make the country “ungovernable,” requiring widespread mobilisation and training of the civilian population. Unlike the DoCS, the DoM is concerned primarily with the combat effectiveness of the mobilised population, and is generally distinguished in its strategic military thinking.

Department of Peacekeeping #

The Department of Peacekeeping (DoP) coordinates Vekllei’s overseas peacekeeping operations. Vekllei is among the largest contributors of men and equipment towards United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, which are responsible to and administrated by the DoP while deployed. The Department of Peacekeeping also engages with international mechanisms for peace, and contributes personnel as part of foreign aid or disaster relief.

Intelligence Liaison Office #

The Intelligence Liaison Office is a specialised office that coordinates military intelligence between Vekllei’s security apparatuses, particularly those of the National Intelligence Directorate. Intelligence gathering in Vekllei is performed by a variety of mostly autonomous espionage organs, and the purpose of the Liaison is to authenticate and prepare intelligence for military use. It includes the following branches.

  • National Intelligence Branch: Coordination of intelligence gathered by security apparatuses with Armed Forces.
  • Civilian Intelligence Branch: Coordination of intelligence gathered by industrial and civilian sectors (in occupied territories, for example) with Armed Forces and security apparatuses.
  • Strategic Intelligence Branch: Coordination of intelligence gathered by the Armed Forces with security apparatuses.

Sovereign Liaison Office #

The Sovereign Liaison Office is a specialised office intended to link the command of the Crown Armed Forces of Vekllei with COSMOKOS, an interior ministry with no direct control over troops of the Crown. Although it is the de facto office of communication with the Crown forces, in practice communication generally occurs directly with the relevant COSMOKOS department. The purpose of the Sovereign Liaison is mostly as a democracy-advocate, supervising the COSMOKOS departments as an anti-corruption watchdog similar to other democracy-advocates. It also ensures COSMOKOS operations do not affect sovereign operations