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Police of the Parliament

The Police of the Parliament are part of the Ministry of Defence

The Police of the Parliament (also National Police, or VENOPOR) are the national and paramilitary police of Vekllei, responsible for internal security, riot control, counter-terrorism, disaster response, law enforcement and maritime rights protection. The VENOPOR is made up of a variety of organisations dedicated to specialised and tactical forms of policing unavailable to the Police of the Public. As a paramilitary force, the VENOPOR are also trained to support the Crown Armed Forces in wartime, and coordinate broad mobilisation in the event of a defensive war.

VENOPOR jurisdiction is organised within the individual theatre commands of the Crown Armed Forces. Kala, the Antilles and the Vekllei and Kalina Islands maintain their own VENOPOR police forces, and other Commonwealth members and territories are dependent on Vekllei Islands policing.

Sections #

Sections are units directly responsible to VENOPOR command and are generally deployed in conventional policing duties. They consist of special units for different types of policing within the jurisdiction of VENOPOR.

Companies Section of the Parliament Police #

The Companies Section (Compor) is a paramilitary and riot control unit concerned with maintaining public peace. Compor moves to meet riots, participate in counter-terrorism and counter-espionage operations, and support the Crown Armed Forces in wartime.

Rifles Section of the Parliament Police #

The Rifles Section is a special weapons unit employing specially-trained officers and tactical vehicles for high-risk situations. They are tasked primarily with counter-terrorism, hostage and weapons situations.

Animals Section of the Parliament Police #

The Animals Section employs officers trained in animal-handling and their animal companions, usually dogs and horses. It is the oldest of the National Police sections, as the successor of an animals support unit of the Royal Armed Forces in the 16th Century.

Guards #

Guards are semiautonomous units that operate independently of VENOPOR situational command. They are not independent policing branches, and are generally supplied and trained within existing VENOPOR systems, but serve distinct and specialised policing functions outside of the conventional policing duties of VENOPOR sections.

Coast Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Vekllei Coast Guard (also the Navy of the Parliament or the Coast Guard of the Parliament Police) is the maritime naval police of Vekllei responsible for search and rescue and law enforcement in the territorial waters of Vekllei.

As part of the Commonwealth Security Concordat, the Vekllei Coast Guard also provides maritime policing services to members of the Commonwealth. It is among the most well-equipped and militarised coast guards in the world, and assists in rigorous protection of Vekllei’s Atlantic claims and oceanic exclusive economic zones.

Border Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Customs of Vekllei (also the Vekllei Customs and the Customs of the Parliament Police) are responsible for customs and excise duties in Vekllei (and, largely, the Commonwealth). It is also the law enforcement agency responsible for the import and export of goods in Vekllei.

Mint Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Mint Guard (also Gold Sappers) are responsible for the security of financial assets in Vekllei, particularly currency and gold reserves minted and held by the Vekllei National Mint. In addition to providing security for Mint sites and infrastructure, the Mint Guard also escorts the transfer of Vekllei currency and gold internationally.

Judicial Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Judicial Guard are responsible for the policing and security of Interior and Commonwealth courts and prisons. The Judicial Guard supply officers for correctional facilities and bailiffs for courthouses, and are also responsible for prisoner transport. Judicial Guards report directly to the Courts of Vekllei.

Parliament Guard of the Parliament Police #

The Special Guard (also Honour Guard) are a security unit responsible for policing high-value and high-risk targets, particularly the Interior and Commonwealth Parliaments, representatives of the Crown, and sites of particular political or historic importance. They are also responsible for the protection of the Prime Ministers and important persons, as well as foreign dignitaries.

Militia of the Parliament Police #

The Militia of the Parliament Police are an auxiliary and reserve force of the VENOPOR, and serve a similarly paramilitary function in Vekllei society. Although the miltia report to the Crown Armed Forces as part of the VENOPOR, they similarly serve a primarily policing role in peacetime consisting mostly of crowd control and support of conventional policing outfits. Militia units in Vekllei may consist of volunteers, as per the Army Reserves, or conscripts in Compulsory Service.