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DSRE is part of the Ministry of Defence and SIRO

The Commonwealth Defence Science Research Establishment (DSRE) is a research organisation of the Ministry of Defence. It is a part of SIRO and is the primary government military research organisation in Vekllei. It is also the largest constituent research establishment of SIRO, and has nearly 25,000 employees across many offices, research complexes, and secure facilities.

The DSRE has extensive connections throughout the Commonwealth defence industry, and regularly collaborates with industry here and abroad. It is a major contributor to Vekllei sciences and several DSRE inventions have trickled down to the public, including the permanent pleat and instaskin.

Executive Council #

  • Director, DSRE
    • Chief Defence Scientist
    • Officer for Strategic Policy
    • Secretary for Ordnance
  • Secretary for Procurement, Bureau of Supply
  • Chairman, DSRE Industry Board
  • Director, Defence Research Intelligence Establishment
  • Director, SIRO

Departments #

  • General Headquarters
    • Office of Control Authority
    • Office of Research Culture & Personnel
    • Office of Research Ethics
    • Office of Security
    • Office of Strategic Policy
    • Office of the Chief Defence Scientist
  • Department of Chemical, Viral & Nuclear Defence
    • Defence Chemical Laboratories
    • Defence Viral Laboratories
    • Nuclear Weapons Secure Research Complex
    • Radiological & Nuclear Defence Laboratories
  • Department of Combat Operations Analysis
    • Combat Fatigue Research Centre
    • Combat Psychology Laboratory
  • Department of Defence Propulsion & Energy
    • Defence Combustion Fuel Laboratories
    • Defence Nuclear Propulsion Laboratories
  • Department of Defence Signals
    • Defence Communications Laboratories
    • Defence Surveillance Laboratories
    • Electric Defence Laboratories
    • Electric Sensors Development Facility
  • Department of Defence Sustainment
    • Defence Food & Nutrition Laboratories
    • Defence Personnel Materials Laboratories
  • Department of Ordnance
    • Ballistics Laboratories
    • Defence Weapons Simulation & Training Complex
    • Missile & Rocketry Laboratories
    • Ordnance Laboratories
    • Telemetry & Fire Control Laboratories
    • Commonwealth Small Arms Testing Range
  • Department of Robots & Automatics
    • Defence Combat Robot Laboratories
    • Defence Procurement & Manufacturing Research Complex
  • Department of Vehicle & Machine Research
    • Defence Aerospace Laboratories
    • Defence Logistics Laboratories
    • Defence Marine Laboratories
    • Defence Satellite Complex
    • Defence Territorial Laboratories

Boards & Commissions #

  • DSRE Industry Board: Partner representatives from industry for public-private research.
  • Defence Research Intelligence Establishment: Counter-espionage organisation joined with the Parliament of Security