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Commonwealth Security Parliament

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This parliament is part of Vekllei.

Overview #


The Commonwealth Security Secretariat (OPSEC) is the mother organisation of the internal and external security organs of the Commonwealth government. Its mission includes intelligence gathering, espionage, special policing, and state security. It is headed by the Secretary of Security, and reports directly to the Directory.

Public Security Directorate #

The Public Security Directorate (Cosevac, or POSEC) is primarily tasked with intelligence related to public security, and is closely linked to the domestic intelligence-gathering activities of HO/NI. POSEC is a directorate that primarily services the interests of the public, which distinguishes it from National Intelligence amd SESEC. To this end, it coordinates closely with the Police of the Parliament to conduct operations against terrorism, smuggling, organised crime and civil unrest.

  • General Office: POSEC administration.
  • TERSEC Bureau: Counterterrorism intelligence and operations.
  • POLSEC Bureau: Political intelligence and operations.
  • VOCSEC Bureau: Crime intelligence and operations.

State Security Directorate #

The State Security Directorate (Vosevisi, or SESEC) is primarily responsible for the security of the state itself, including all Vekllei parliaments, its ministries, secretariats and features, and its civil service and employees. It monitors, investigates and eliminates threats within and without the Vekllei Government and Palace, and controls privileged information of the Vekllei parliaments.

SESEC works closely with the Home Office of National Intelligence, the National Intelligence Directorate organ responsible for the internal security of Vekllei’s intelligence network. In cases of internal breaches of security, the SESEC acts as investigator and prosecutor. It includes the following departments.

  • General Office: SESEC administration.
  • OPG Bureau: Operational guidance section responsible for coordination of SESEC offices.
  • COMSEC Bureau: Management of confidential communications.
  • DOCSEC Bureau: Document archive and imaging intelligence section.
  • CONSEC Bureau: Counterintelligence section seperate from NI.
  • INTSEC Bureau: Internal security and monitoring of infiltration by domestic and international threats.

State Secrets Office #

The State Secrets Office is responsible for the protection of classified information. It maintains a control network of security classifications, and is charged with the location and security of classified documents. It also advises and processes changes to classifications, particularly in the case of state (as opposed to military) intelligence.

  • 1st Control Authority Most Secret – Information that would gravely damage the Commonwealth.
  • 2nd Control Authority Secret – Information that would seriously damage the Commonwealth.
  • 3rd Control Authority Confidential – Information that would damage the Commonwealth.
  • 4th Control Authority Restrict – Information of significant danger to individuals or Commonwealth activities.
  • 5th Control Authority Protect – Information of danger to individuals or Commonwealth activities.
  • Base Control Authority Official – Information privileged to the Commonwealth.
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