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An attack is highly unlikely at this time. This is because there are very few people who want to cause harm to Vekllei, and there is little means to conduct an attack on this country.

There are very few violent extremists with the intention to conduct an attack onshore, and the risk factors of an attack have been reduced. You do not need to change your daily behaviour or activities.
An attack is possible, but not likely. This is because there are a few people in Vekllei and overseas who want to cause this country harm, and may pose a risk to public safety.

The threat from scandinationalists and religious extremists has moderated. The ability for these groups to attack Vekllei have been substantially degraded, and support for these groups has declined. You do not need to change your daily behaviour or activities.
An attack is likely. This is because extremists, including scandinationalists and religious fundamentalists, have support in Vekllei and overseas and may attempt to attack this country.

Rising anti-government sentiment and anti-Vekllei extremist beliefs can create conditions for an attack. It is important that Vekllei people remain aware of their surroundings in busy public places and report suspicious activity.
An attack is highly likely. This is because Noshem is aware of extremists in Vekllei and overseas who intend to attack this country. The risk of danger to Vekllei people is considerable.

In these conditions, support for extremist beliefs are a serious risk to public safety. Vekllei people should reconsider their need for travel and be aware of their surroundings in public places. All suspicious activity should be reported.
An attack is imminent. Noshem are aware of a plan to attack this country. Danger is certain and Vekllei people may need to act immediately to save lives.

Extremists are planning to commit an act of terror against Vekllei and the public may be in danger. Vekllei people should stay away from all public places, cancel plans to travel and shelter in place. All suspicious activity should be reported.
Noshem is part of the Security Parliament

The Commonwealth Intelligence Service (National Intelligence, or Noshem) is the secret service of Vekllei and the Commonwealth’s primary covert intelligence apparatus abroad. It is concerned with intelligence-gathering, surveillance and operations external to the Commonwealth. It is organised into 40 semiautonomous outlines, which each may operate several offices. Noshem’s sophisticated intelligence network and broad mandate contribute to its legendary reputation abroad, and conspiracies of its presence in almost every country.

Noshem is unique in its broad recruitment of foreigners, many of whom are promised citizenship and residency in Vekllei. Many Noshem outlines recruit locally, and manage foreign assets through Vekllei-born supervisors.

Executive Council #

General Headquarters #

  • Department of Analysis
    • Office of General Policy
    • Office of the Intelligence Director
    • Office of Threat Assessment
  • Department of Espionage
    • General Office of Counter-Espionage
    • General Office of Security & Risk Mitigation
  • Department of Intelligence Sections
    • General Training Section
    • Sections Council
    • Office of Section Coordination
  • Department of Finance
    • General Office of Accounts & Payments
  • Department of Control Authority
    • Office of the Intelligence Press
    • Office of Personnel & Culture
    • Office of Secrets
    • Office of Control Authority
  • Department of Government Intelligence
    • Office of the Military Liaison
    • Office of the Security Cabinet
    • Office of the Security Parliament

Intelligence Outlines & Sections #

  • Home Office (HO/NI): The Home Office at National Intelligence (HO/NI) is the domestic intelligence organisation of Vekllei, including the Home Islands.

    • Section 1 Atlantique: Administration and recruitment.
    • Section 2 Bohs: Organisation security and democracy-advocate.
    • Section 3 Cosette: Domestic affairs, political threats and extremism section.
    • Section 4 Devon: Democracy-Advocate command.
    • Section 5 Eusea: Logistics and training command.
    • Section 6 Familia: Coercion and blackmail section.
    • Section 7 Gem: Foreign military intelligence section.
    • Section 8 Helette: Financial intelligence section.
    • Section 9 Ioviosn: Offices and staff in North Commonwealth Intelligence Theatre and Vekllei Islands.
    • Section 10 Jasvere: Offices and staff in the governments of Commonwealth member-states.
    • Section 11 Kosmo: Senior reporting body and command.
    • Section 12 Los: Internal operations command.
  • Africa Bureau (RB/NI): The Africa Bureau at National Intelligence (RB/NI) reports information and conducts operations in the African continent. Headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, RB/NI is particularly concerned with decolonisation and influencing new democratic states under Vekllei’s “Trade Democracy” policy. It also historically seeks to destabilising American and Eastern Bloc influence in the continent, as well as ferment unrest against current colonial governments and the Apartheid regime in South Africa. It includes the following departments.

    • Section 13 Abosasme: Offices and staff in postcolonial Africa.
    • Section 14 Bulga: Offices and staff in colonial Africa.
    • Section 15 Cobian: Regional tactical operations command.
    • Section 16 Domo: Democracy-Advocate command.
    • Section 17 Ende: Directorate organisation and localisation command.
  • Americas Bureau (AB/NI): The Americas Bureau at National Intelligence (AB/NI) reports information and conducts operations across North and South America, including overseas possessions of the United States and regional claims in the Arctic and Antarctic. AB/NI maintains major offices in Washington D.C. in the U.S., Dallas in Dallas America, and Bogotá in Colombia. It is the largest of the N.I. Bureaus, with nearly a hundred satellite offices across the Americas. Its operations are classified, but are implicated in a variety of work including regime change and guerrilla training. AB/NI also fosters positive relations with the regional neighbours of the Commonwealth, particularly in Mexico, British Belize, Venezuela and Colombia. It includes the following departments.

    • Section 18 Anatole: Offices and staff in the United States and Canada.
    • Section 19 Bosme: Offices and staff in Mexico and Central America.
    • Section 20 Célestine: Offices and staff in South America.
    • Section 21 Désiré: Regional tactical operations command.
    • Section 22 Eudea: Regional logistics and training command.
    • Section 23 François: Antifascist and separatist affairs intelligence command.
    • Section 24 Gosme: Directorate organisation command.
  • Euro Bureau (EB/NI): The European Bureau at National Intelligence (EB/NI) reports information and conducts operations across Europe and Eurasia, particularly in the UK, France, and the Eastern Bloc. It is second-largest of the regional N.I. bureaus, with offices in London, Paris, Prague, Moscow, and Genoa, and dozens more satellite installations throughout Europe. Its intelligence doctrine is particularly defensive, since most foreign espionage in the Commonwealth originates from Western and Communist Europe, and operates special counter-espionage units for this purpose. It includes the following departments.

    • Section 25 Ana: Offices and staff in Western Europe.
    • Section 26 Basa: Offices and staff in Minor Europe.
    • Section 27 Cofa: Offices and staff in states signatory to the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance.
    • Section 28 Demon: Special counter-espionage command.
    • Section 29 Eiga: Directorate organisation and localisation command.
  • Oriental Bureau (OB/NI): The Orient Bureau at National Intelligence (OB/NI) reports information and conducts operations across the Orient and West Asia, Vekllei phrases spanning from the Middle East to the Pacific Islands, including South and East Asia. It maintains offices in Tokyo, Peking, Bangkok, Delhi, and Tehran. Without vested strategic interests in the area, OB/NI’s primary mission is nation-building and observation in its region and the support of actions in its neighbouring N.I. regions.

    • Section 30 Asosnia: Offices and staff in Communist China and Taiwan.
    • Section 31 Bouismiosn: Offices and staff in Japan and South-East Asia.
    • Section 32 Cismi: Offices and staff in India.
    • Section 33 Drosviousn: Offices and staff in the Middle East.
    • Section 34 Erswin: Directorate organisation and localisation command.
    • Section 35 Fennet: Counter-espionage and political command.
  • Special Protectorate Bureau (SP/NI): The Special Protectorate Bureau at National Intelligence (SP/NI) reports information and conducts operations across special territories and possessions of the Commonwealth, including military sites, the Vekllei Antarctic Claims, and the Lunar Territories. Although its home office is in Vekllei Proper at N.I., it serves a different function to HO/NI, specialising in remote, dangerous and dirty work at the fringes of Vekllei intelligence control.

    • Section 36 Arcos: Offices and staff assigned to special counterintelligence work.
    • Section 37 Boris: Offices and staff assigned to the protection of individuals.
    • Section 38 Codesta: Offices and staff in foreign claims and Vekllei Antarctica.
    • Section 39 Decrest: Offices and staff in foreign delegations and international waters.
    • Section 40 Endoria: Offices and staff in Vekllei space and lunar territories.

Boards & Commissions #

  • Intelligence Audit Authority: Secure independent intelligence watchdog with high control access.