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Commonwealth Military Command

Noshem is part of the Security Parliament

The Commonwealth Military Command (CMC) is the unifying command organisation for the Armed Forces, responsible ultimately for facilitating Commonwealth control of the armed forces. While republics retain direct command over the armed forces, defence activities are in practice federalised by default under Commonwealth control, and so the CMC is the primary military command in Vekllei. In principle, the CMC accommodates open communication between the Armed Forces and the Commonwealth, but more commonly acts as a de facto command organisation for broad military arrangements outside of direct military administration like defence policy, strategic planning, military infrastructure and logistics, and communications.

Commonwealth member-states usually maintain their own defence ministries, and the CMC aims to standardise and consolidate defensive strength across the Commonwealth. It is made up of the following departments.

  • General Council: CMC administration and parliament liaison.
  • Department of War: All war-related strategic planning and activities, including preparation for operations.
  • Department of Peacekeeping: All activities related to Vekllei peacekeeping and expeditionary operations.
  • Department of Training & Mobilisation: Standardisation of training and mobilisation of troops across the Commonwealth.
  • Department of Communications: Coordination between the parliaments and the Palace, as well as public information.