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Bureau of Public Works

This bureau is part of the Ministry of the Commons

The Bureau of Public Works is the general-purpose planning and construction outfit in Vekllei. It has a broad mandate over construction, improvement and renewal projects in Vekllei at federal, regional and local levels, and works closely with governments to accomplish construction goals.

The bureau also owns the National Construction House (NCH), the largest construction firm in Vekllei which remains responsible for the vast majority of private and commercial construction in the country.

Executive Council #

Departments #

  • Department of National Projects: Construction of large projects, often involving multiple republics or stakeholders.
    • Office of Transnational Planning
    • Office of Special Trades
  • Department of Municipal Works: Assisting local governments complete public works.
    • Office of Urban Works
    • Office of Emergency Construction
    • Office of Utilities
  • Department of Trades & Labour: Planning, regulation and logistics of government construction, especially regarding the NCH.
    • Office of Automatic Construction
    • Office of Compulsory Service
    • Office of Health & Safety

Boards & Commissions #