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SIRO is part of the Ministry of the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisations Council (CSIROC, commonly SIROs or SIRO) is the executive council of the autonomous government research organisations in Vekllei. With its members combined, the council represents the oldest and largest research organisation in the country. SIRO is part of the Ministry of the Commonwealth, but its constituent research establishments are administered and funded by their relevant ministries and parliaments.

SIRO is headquartered in Comet, but through its constituent organisations has a presence in almost every Vekllei republic. The tremendous diversity across Vekllei’s island republics provides an ample basis for research, and SIRO is among the leading research outfits in the world. It employs nearly 80,000 people and is credited with a wide variety of innovations and inventions, including the low-field fusion reactor and the Multimatrix computer network system.

Council Organisation #

Executive Council

Constituent Establishments

Constituent Laboratories

Executive Council #

  • Director, SIRO
  • Secretary for Research
    • Officer for Research Democracy
    • Officer for Science Policy
  • Chief Scientist, ASRE
  • Chief Scientist, CSRE
  • Chief Scientist, DSRE
  • Chief Scientist, LSRE
  • Chief Scientist, MSRE
  • Chief Scientist, NSRE
  • Chief Scientist, SIRO
  • Chairman, Public Science Board
  • Executive, Government Scientists Group

Departments #

  • Department of Research
    • Office of Science Policy
    • Office of Research Democracy
    • Office of Research Ethics
    • Office of Research Culture & Personnel
  • Department of Public Services
    • Office of Press & Media
    • Office of Public Affairs
    • Office of Public Education
  • Department of Automation
    • Office of Industrial Automation
    • Office of Enterprise
  • Department of Manufacturing
    • Office of Industrial Research
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Resources
    • Office of Undersea Research
    • Office of Resource Discovery
    • Office of Minerals & Mines
  • Department of Infrastructure
    • Office of Laboratories
    • Standards Board

Boards & Commissions #

  • Cooperative Research Commission: Public-private research partnership advocate.
  • Public Science Board: Independent ombudsman of public science.
  • Government Scientists Group: National science committee of chief scientists who coordinate science policy across establishments.