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Ministry of the Commonwealth

This ministry is part of Vekllei

The Ministry of the Commonwealth administers devolved ministerial organisations that require planning and expertise coordinated at a national level. It primarily establishes standards for industry and commerce and maintains federal organisations that, for one reason or another, are not subordinated to commonwealth parliaments. In this sense, the ministry provides national stewardship to otherwise devolved and decentralised ministerial organisations and commissions. Responsibilities include:

  • Advising, training and auditing local accreditation and qualifications in line with Commonwealth standards and directives.
  • Ensuring that the Vekllei interior state meets standards determined by the Commonwealth parliaments and international commitments.
  • Developing and enforcing standards in technical, industrial and brand features of the Interior Government and its responsible state assets and bureau partners.
  • Training and maintaining the workforce for the Interior civil service and Interior state assets in line with Commonwealth standards and directives.

COSMOCOM’s commitments to the transnational Commonwealth Parliaments go both ways – the ministry ensures domestic compliance and also advises Commonwealth policy and standards, since the Vekllei Interior Government is the largest and most industrious member-state of the Commonwealth.

🌐Ministry of the Commonwealth