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Bureau of Standards

This bureau is part of the Ministry of the Commonwealth

The Bureau of Standards (also Standards Vekllei) works to unify management and supervision of state bodies and assets in Vekllei. It also mandates the responsibilities and visual identity of all departments of the Government and boroughs of the Commonwealth, including the appearance and manuals of style of Commonwealth infrastructure and publications. Its work includes both operating procedures and major brand elements like flags and logos, and specific linguistic and typographic features including typefaces, preferred punctuation and symbols. It has considerable authority over other departments, which usually lack autonomy to enforce their own visual identity independently. Most visual work for the Standardisations Directorate is performed by in-house designers and artists.

Department of Standardisation #

The General Office of the Standardisations Directorate (GOSED), commonly Standards Vekllei, administrates the directorate, and determines its operations through direct liaison with the Interior and Commonwealth Administrations.

Department of Commercial Standards #

The Commercial Standards of Vekllei (COMSTA) regulates Commonwealth standards of small and medium-sized commercial businesses that are otherwise unaffiliated with bureaus proper. It also advises GOSED on changes to its technical, safety and design committees. It also routinely interfaces with the ADCA for internal standards compliance.

Since private commerce in Vekllei exists outside of the bureau framework, the license of COMSTA is broader and flexible, and regularly relies upon contracted industry contacts to fill places on its less defined technical committees.

Department of Industrial Standards #

The Industrial Standards of Vekllei (INSTA) regulates industrial regulatory and safety standards of industrial and manufacturing work. It also advises industry groups on product certification, and acts as a Commonwealth prosecutor in criminal breaches of industrial standards. INSTA is divided into sixteen technical committees that oversee particular industries. INSTA prosecutes cases of severe negligence or breach of Commonwealth standards, and advises domestic prosecution towards the Accreditation Inspectorate.