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Bureau of Housing

This bureau is part of the Ministry of the Commons

The Bureau of Housing plans, constructs and improves municipalised and public housing in Vekllei. Housing in Vekllei is negotiated, purchased and leased at a municipal level, and so most new homes are designed and constructed by the civil service through architects and construction agents. The Bureau of Housing coordinates this process at different levels, and also receives maintenance requests and complaints as a regulatory body.

The Bureau of Housing may represent the public in court proceedings over ownership. It also employs investigators to determine stewardship of land and its current use. The bureau is also partly responsible for integration of migrant communities into Vekllei cities, by mixing cultural groups through programmes designed to incentivise multicultural neighbourhoods.

Executive Council #

  • Director, Bureau of Housing
    • Secretary for Architecture & Planning
      • Chief Architect
      • Secretary for Beauty & Design
      • Secretary for New Living
    • Secretary for Construction
    • Secretary for Community & Integration
      • Officer for Migrant Housing
      • Officer for Development
      • Officer for Neighbourhoods
      • Officer for Accessibility
    • Secretary for the Built Environment
  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Commons
  • Assistant Director, Bureau of Public Works
  • Chairman, Housing Commission
  • Advocate, Commonwealth Institute for Municipalism

Departments #

  • Department of Architecture & Planning: Planning of neighbourhoods and cities, as well as their design and quality standards.
    • Office of Architecture & Design
    • Office of Landscapes
    • Office of New Living
  • Department of Housing Construction: Organising department for construction of housing, usually through the National Construction House.
  • Department of Community: Social planning and culture, particularly regarding how they impact community.
    • Office of Migrant Housing
    • Office of Development
    • Office of Neighbourhoods
    • Office of Island Communities
    • Office of Transport
    • Office of Accessibility
  • Department of the Built Environment: Redevelopment, improvement and renewal of housing and neighbourhoods.
    • Office of Inspection
    • Office of Tenants & Residents
    • Office of Renewal

Boards & Commissions #

  • Housing Commission: Public housing authority.
  • Vekllei Tenant Union: Union of non-owner residents.
  • Fair Housing Authority: Commonwealth housing quality regulator.