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Ministry of Commerce

This ministry is part of Vekllei

The Ministry of Commerce (COSMOSOL) conducts government spending and facilitates trade in the country. Despite the functional moneylessness of the Vekllei, COSMOSOL remains among the busiest ministries of the Interior Government, since all economic policy, international trade and entitled renumeration (the Vekllei turn-of-phrase for withdrawing from the Commonwealth Bank) occurs through its subordinate bureaus and organisations. Common responsibilities of COSMOSOL include:

  • Regulation and taxation of international trade, particularly through Government ‘White Bonds’ and Commonwealth Bank ‘Blue Bonds’.
  • Banking the Commonwealth state apparatus.
  • Advising the Parliament on economic policy and foreign trade.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the health of foreign markets.
  • Printing and transporting currency.

The Ministry of Commerce is led by the State Secretary of Commerce, who is a member of the Cabinet. It is represented in the Commonwealth Council by the Minister of Commerce.

Most of the functions of the ministry are conducted by the Commonwealth Treasury, which oversees most economic planning and operates the vast systems computers that functionally run the Vekllei domestic market.

Vekllei has a reputation as a financial capital for its political neutrality and location between Europe and the Americas, and is among the largest facilitators of international commerce and exchange in the world.

πŸ’΅Ministry of Commerce