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Bureau of Securities

ί· Part of the ministry series of articles

The Bureau of Securities (VECSEC) regulates securities in the Vekllei International Market. It advises fiscal decision-making to the Interior Parliament and legislates trade practices in the country, including the issuing and ownership of government bonds and bureau securities.

Since Vekllei citizens do not usually participate in the domestic securities markets, VECSEC lacks traditional legal authority over many of the foreign participants in its supervised markets, but does extradite and prosecute financial crime through the EUROVEK and USVEK extradition treaties. It includes the following departments.

  • General Council: Advisory board to the Commonwealth.
  • General Procuratorate: Enforcement of penalties and prosecution of financial crimes.
  • General Inspectorate: Investigations into fraud, abuse and corruption in Vekllei markets.
  • Department of Financing and Stock Exchange: Regulation and monitoring of the Vekllei Stock Exchange and miscellaneous securities within the country.
  • Department of International Markets: Regulation and monitoring of the Vekllei International Market and government bonds.
  • Department of Investments and Trusts: Regulation and monitoring of the investments, securities and financial contracts of Vekllei citizens and companies.