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Bureau of Trade

This bureau is part of the Ministry of Commerce

The Bureau of Trade regulates consumer protections and antitrust law in Vekllei, and organises trade information from other ministries and supervisory bureaus into policy recommendations and legislation. The Trade Commission also monitors and reports the health of foreign markets, and conducts research into broader geopolitical financial interests, particularly as they compete with domestic interests. It is part of the Ministry of Commerce, and reports primarily to the Commonwealth Treasury.

Executive Council #

Departments #

  • Department of Consumer Affairs: Regulation of the consumer entitlements and protections.
  • Department of Market Affairs: Protection of fair markets and regulation of industrial and petty bureau companies, including state monopolies.
  • Department of Market Research: Analysis and research of domestic and international markets.
  • Department of Import & Export: Analyse and regulation of trade with foreign countries, including harmful trade practices.
    • Export Controls Office
    • Information Security Office
  • Department of Intelligence: Monitoring of foreign investment and corporations, as well as overseas research and policy.
    • Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • National Tourism Bureau: Promotion, research, facilitation and branding of domestic and international travel.

Boards & Commissions #

  • National Consumer Affairs Commission: Administration and protection of consumer rights.
  • National Patent & Trademark Office: Registration authority for commercial patents and marks.
  • Intellectual Property Arbitration Board: Mediator for copyright, patent and trademark disputes before litigation.
  • Commonwealth Commercial Service: Promotion of Vekllei products abroad and liaison between industry and foreign partners.
  • Commonwealth Trade Commission: Industrial and commodity liaison for foreign companies.