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The Rifles Section of the Parliament Police

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022

The Public Police (COSMOPOR) are not reliably equipped with firearms, and when they are, constables favour old-fashioned police revolvers. Situations that get dangerous or complicated often require the intervention of the Rifles Section of the Police of the Parliament, an elite policing unit trained and equipped to confront gun crime and violent behaviour.

Like some other other Parliament Police (VENOPOR) sections, the Rifles are dressed in navy silks and their mounts are painted navy with white sillitoe-patterned highlights. Rifles use alternating red and blue lights rather than standard Vekllei ‘Emergency Red.’ They are equipped and armed by the Bureau of Supply, the same office that supplies Vekllei’s armed forces. This includes the Sulphur Make-4 Armoured Car, modified for the Rifles with extra glass for better visibility in the small-calibre gunfire the Rifles are trained to meet. Like most VENOPOR police forces, the Rifles have their roots in paramilitary elements and are expected to support the military in times of war.

The crest of the Rifles Section of the Police of the Parliament.

Vekllei people generally do not know much about them – the “Parliament Police” are also known as the “National Police,” and as such, are tactical in nature and far removed from the local and personal constabulary they’re used to. This leads to sensational rumours about the historic and dapper National Police sections, including whispers about overseas training and secret greyzone ops. Less exotically, Rifles are commonly seen in the streets surrounding Vekllei’s parliament, where the alert level has remained high for several years now.