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Hobart and Tzipora are off to the United Kingdom!

Thursday, Sep 29, 2022
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The last time I made one of these, it was January 2020. When I got back, the news was just starting to talk about a new disease outbreak in China.

It is striking to me that the shitty drawing attached to that post was the last time I went overseas. On an abstract level I can understand it’s been two years – but wow, that drawing puts things in perspective. And since that post, I’ve been stuck in my house in Hobart, occasionally visiting other parts of my beautiful island state of Tasmania. That’s a long time in the history of this project, and a long time for someone who found inspiration to draw from travelling.

Grounded no more. I am currently in Oxford in the U.K., and will be somewhere else soon. I’ll let you know where I’m going next.

Stories from the Horizon is proceeding as normal, but I’m spending a bit more time creating new styles of architecture inspired by my surrounds. Vekllei is always evolving, and it’s evolving especially fast right now. When I’ve left the U.K. in a few days, I’ll write an article about my experience with pictures attached to the blog.

I’m having such a great time and learning so much.