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Ministry of Light & Water

ί· This ministry is part of Vekllei

The Ministry of Light & Water (COSMOLA) is responsible for the government monopoly on water and energy in Vekllei. Through its statutory corporations (SCs) and public utilities, the ministry is responsible for the vast majority of energy production in the Vekllei Islands and contributes significantly to energy research through its network of laboratories. Increasingly, COSMOLA investment has indicated an interest in energy and water conservation. Common responsibilities of COSMOLA include:

  • Maintenance and operation of utilities that provide Vekllei people with electricity and water.
  • Production and conservation of energy and water.
  • Investment and research into emerging physical sciences.
  • Advising energy and water policy to republican and commonwealth parliaments.
  • Nuclear energy security.

COSMOLA is the third-largest ministry by persons employed, and its sub-agencies and SCs are responsible for a number of iconic pieces of Vekllei infrastructure, including the Expo ‘74 Experimental Reactor and the Ou Hydroburo Complex.

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