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Bureau of Light

This bureau is part of the Ministry of Light & Water

The Bureau of Light (Commonwealth Electric Commission, commonly Thunderburo) is responsible for the state monopoly on electricity generation in Vekllei. Although the VEC is structured as a bureau company, its subsidiaries are state-owned and consequently operates similarly to other agency-level departments of the Interior Parliament. The VEC consists of multiple subcommissions dedicated to unique types of electricity generation in Vekllei, primarily through hydro-electric, geothermal and nuclear methods.

Magma-Electric Commission #

The Vekllei Magma-Electric Commission (colloquially The Magma or MEC) oversees geothermal electricity production in Vekllei. Because of Vekllei’s location over the rift of the European and American continental plates, widespread geothermal electricity production is widespread and makes up the majority of commercial and domestic electricity consumption in Vekllei. Forty-six MEC plants of varying sizes supply clean renewable energy to Vekllei households, and waste heat is used to heat greenhouses Vekllei depends on for food production.

Hydro-Electric Commission #

The Vekllei Hydro-Electric Commission (colloquially The Hydro, not to be confused with the Hydroburo) oversees hydro-electric electricity generation in Vekllei, particularly in the glacial regions of the Vekllei Islands and Kala. Dramatic mountain terrain in the interior of the Vekllei Islands proved suitable candidates for hydro-electric dams, which were mostly constructed in the pre-war and immediate post-war era. Vekllei’s oldest dam in Ou has been operating continuously for 156 years.

Nuclear-Electric Commission #

The Vekllei Nuclear-Electric Commission (also Atomic Vekllei or NEC) oversees nuclear electricity generation in Vekllei. Nuclear energy has proliferated in postwar Vekllei, and satisfies the Commonwealth’s growing industrial power demands. Most commercial nuclear plants in Vekllei use uranium-233 reactor fuels, processed mostly at the National Centrifuge & Enrichment Plant in Speidisn. Vekllei reactors mostly of a molten salt type. The NEC maintains 56 plants in total across the Commonwealth, most of which are located in the Vekllei Islands or Kala.