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Bureau of Aerospace

This bureau is part of the Ministry of the Commons

The Bureau of Aerospace is a bureau of the Ministry of the Commons responsible for policy, administration and operation of aerospace transport in Vekllei. It incorporates almost all functions necessary for the provision of air transport in a country, including the operation of airports and airstrips, training and employment of air traffic controllers, and provision of emergency search and rescue services, including runway tenders.

The bureau has a large stake in the development and manufacture of Vekllei aircraft through its constituent corporations and commissions. In addition, the bureau monitors and manages Vekllei airspace as part of the National Airspace System, and licenses civilian and commercial pilots through the Civil Aviation Register.

Executive Council #

  • Director, Bureau of Aerospace
    • Secretary for Flight Safety
    • Secretary for Flight Traffic Control
    • Secretary for Ports & Cosmodromes
      • Officer for Inspection
    • Secretary for Flight Security & Materials
    • Secretary for Airspace
  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Commons
  • Executive, Commonwealth Air Traffic Services
  • Executive, Commonwealth Airways
  • Director, Commonwealth Air Safety Authority

Departments #

  • Department of Flight Safety
  • Department of Flight Traffic Control
    • Office of Civil Signals
    • Office of Communications
  • Department of Ports & Cosmodromes
    • Office of Inspection
    • Office of Water Airports
    • Office of Jetports
    • Office of Aerodromes
    • Office of Cosmodromes
  • Department of Flight Security & Materials
  • Department of Airspace
    • Arctic & Oslolan Office
    • Verde Office
    • Atlantic Office
    • Antarctic Office
    • Kalina & Bahamas Office
    • Lunar & Space Office

Boards & Commissions #

  • Commonwealth Airways: Flag carrier and national airline of Vekllei.
  • Commonwealth Starlines: Subsidiary of Commonwealth Airways providing space transport services.
  • Government Aircraft Factories: Major (civilian) aircraft manufacturer.
  • Commonwealth Aircraft: Major (military) aircraft manufacturer.
  • Commonwealth Air Traffic Services: National traffic control services.
  • Commonwealth Civil Flight Squadron: Civilian flying unit for equipment calibration, testing, aerial photography and inspection.
  • Commonwealth Air Safety Authority: Independent aerospace safety regulator and incident investigator.
  • Atlantic Air Traffic Information Service: Nationwide flight pattern and air traffic information system.
  • Civil Signals Training Establishment: Training office for Air Engineers and Air Traffic Controllers.
  • Civil Aviation Register: Licensing of civilian and commercial pilots.